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A farmyard in northern Germany. Fields, sheep, an embankment, a forest flooded with sunlight. However, it's dark from the frightened perspective of the children. A girl and a boy run through the house. There is a Blue Onion service on the table. Oma Lulu has died. Her jewelry is shared out, the bedroom is given a fresh lick of paint. A dog barking. The song of the nightingale. The loud ticking of a clock. Sparks from the nightly fire. Discussions with the mother about how to deal with illness, getting old and death. About care and dignity. A visit to a home. "Kumm du um Middernacht" is a lullaby. And a strange message on the answering machine. Am I there? HEIMSUCHUNG (Visitation, G 2014) shows the filmmaker Henrike Meyer at the parental home after the death of her grandmother. It is a place that seems familiar and mysterious at the same time. The atmosphere is charged with light and darkness, fears and imaginings. Home can also be very "unhomely". (bik) (19.1.)

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