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The Comedian Harmonists were Germany's first boy band and still represent the frivolous and hedonist culture of the 1920s and early 1930s. Eighty years ago, on 22nd February 1935, the  Nazis ordered the successful sextet's dissolution on racist and ideological grounds. In 1976, Eberhard Fechner interviewed the four members who were still alive. What emerged is a gentle portrait of the six musicians and an informative chronicle of the time: The story about the rise and fall of this legendary a-cappella band reflects the impact of National Socialism on the protagonists'lives. Dr. Christian Hißnauer will introduce the 200-minute-long documentary. COMEDIAN HARMONISTS. SECHS LEBENSLÄUFE (The Comedian Harmonists: Six Lives, BRD 1976) (ah) (23.2.)

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