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The Literarische Colloquium Berlin (LCB) used to have a film department, the intention being to give writers the opportunity to spontaneously write their ideas “into” the camera. This is how DENKMALSFORSCHUNG(West Germany 1972) was, for example, produced, an episodic, associative mind game which poet and graphic designer Günter Bruno Fuchs created together with Wolfgang Ramsbott. Today, this idiosyncratic film has itself become a monument to the West Berlin artists’ scene of the 60s and 70s. The program is supplemented by two early films by Wolfgang Ramsbott – AUFZEICHNUNGEN (West Germany 1965) and TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITÄT BERLIN (West Germany 1965) – who already headed the film department at the Technische Univesität before he became a professor at HdK Berlin in 1973. (ah) (11.5., with guest Michael Töteberg)

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