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The DEFA Foundation is continuing the "Breaks and Continuitiesprogram that came about in conjunction with the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation. The program is dedicated to 12 actors who worked with the Ufa before 1945 and then with the DEFA afterwards. Two films by the actress Maly Delschaft (18981995) will be presented this month. FAMILIE BENTHIN was considered a prestigious DEFA project on the occasion of the general elections of 1950. It depicts the situation in divided Germany during the Cold War through the lives of a family of entrepreneurs on one side and a working-class family on the other.ALTES HERZ GEHT AUF DIE REISE (Old Heart Goes on a Journey, Carl Junghans, G 1938), which is based on a novel by Hans Fallada, is about the rebellion of an underage orphan against her foster father who is exploiting her financially. The film was banned by the ministry of propaganda and only premiered in 1974. (jh) (5.1.)

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