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In its monthly film program, the DEFA Foundation is presenting with Munich's Film Museum two films on the building of the Berlin Wall: UND DEINE LIEBE AUCH (Frank Vogel, GDR 1962) and SONNTAGSFAHRER (Gerhard Klein, GDR 1963). Both films are being released on DVD in Edition Filmmuseum Nr. 93. UND DEINE LIEBE AUCHis a love story spun around the historic building of the wall, in which Eva (Kati Székely) has to decide between the brothers Klaus (Ulrich Thein) and Ulli (Armin Mueller-Stahl). Outdoor shots show Berlin, including Rosenthaler Platz, at the time. Based on a screenplay by Karl Georg Egel and Wolfgang Kohlhaase,SONNTAGSFAHRERtries to approach the subject from a comic perspective. Several people leave Leipzig on 12th August 1961 to go to Berlin so they can get to the West. When they arrive in Berlin, they have to turn around. (jh)(16.3.)

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