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On 13th April, the DEFA Foundation continues its film series "Breaks and Continuities" that is produced in collaboration with the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation. It is dedicated to 12 actors, who were active at UFA before 1945 and DEFA after 1945. This month, two films by the actor Gerhard Bienert (1898–1986) will be presented. In his adaptation of Lessing's EMILIA GALOTTI (Martin Hellberg, GDR 1957),Bienert plays a colonel and the father of the eponymous heroine who has to deal with the machinations of the nobility. DAS MÄDCHEN VON FANÖ (The Girl from Fano, Hans Schweikart), which was based on a novel by Günther Weisenborns, is about the friendship between two fishermen who are put to a difficult test. It was made on Hiddensee in 1940 and one of the main roles was played by Joachim Gottschalk, who committed suicide shortly afterwards. He was married to a Jewish woman and had been threatened by the Nazis. (jh). (13.4.)

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