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Film is (or once was) an analogue medium - both in technical and artistic terms. What does it involve to make, see. think an analogue film? As a prelude to the UdK's "FilmFilm" seminar, we will screen 13 classics that are examples for the craft of filmmaking. This begins with the material itself (WEISSFILM, Wilhelm Hein, Birgit Hein), the processing of film material (A COLOUR BOX, Len Lye), and continues as a rhythmic poem about the photographic image (ARABESQUE FOR KENNETH ANGER, Marie Menken) to found footage (REPORT, Bruce Conner). At the end lies the path to everything earthly. (STADT IN FLAMMEN, Jürgen Reble). What can be seen is how technology engraves itself in thought, how ideas materialize. Film as a technology, as a method, as a concept? Whereas to begin with there was no alternative to film, today there exists the possibility to make a conscious decision in favor of this material and its equipment. (stg, bs) (16.4.)

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