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A trip to somewhere else with five experimental films without dialogue for children and adults aged 7 plus: In THE SPIRIT OF THE NAVAJO (1966) Mary Jane and Maxine Tsosie – both Navajo – follow the healing ritual of a medicine man, from gathering herbs in the wilderness, to "painting" a sand mandala to treating patients. NAVAJO RAIN CHANT (1971) is a tiny brightly-colored animation film that lasts as long as the chant that summons the rain. VALENTIN DE LAS SIERRAS (1968)was filmed by Bruce Baillie in Mexico with a blind singer and ball-playing children. In TAKE THE 5:10 TO DREAMLAND (1975) the associative montage of found footage takes us on a journey to dreamland.  And finally Richard Serra plays catch with his hand (HAND CATCHING LEAD, 1968). (ua) (28.2.)

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