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Arsenal Filmatelier shows experimental and animation films for children aged 4 and above in a program called "The cinema dances". The garish film PPII by MM Serra takes a trip to a house in Mexico where a house is decorated with red and green ribbons and also to early cinema, in which serpentine dancers swing their costumes. In Maya Deren's magical camera experiment A STUDY IN CHOREOGRAPHY FOR THE CAMERA, you can see how a dancer overcomes great distances in one single movement: He is in a forest and lands in a living room in one step. The black-and-white silent movie is followed by Len Lye's RAINBOW DANCE, a musical dance of colors which apart from unclouded joy also promises savings. At the end of the program, you'll find out how the animation filmmaker Winsor McCay won a bet made 101 years ago that would bring dinosaurs back to life. GERTIE THE DINOSAUR performs a dance and other tricks. (stsch) (17.4.)

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