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What sounds, speaks, rustles in film? Since films were shown for the very first time in 1895, sounds and music have been played to accompany them. Today, sounds, voices, music, and noises are put together on the soundtrack. Before we ourselves start experimenting with sounds, voices, and noises and develop ideas for a soundtrack to a scene from BEHIND THE SCREEN (1916) by Charles Chaplin to be played live, we discover what can be seen and heard in five shorts: In PACIFIC 231 (Mitry, France 1949), a locomotive rushes musically through the world, LE CHAUDRON INFERNAL(Méliès, France 1903) transforms both people and things in unexpected ways. In CATFILM FOR KATY AND CYNNIE(Lawder, USA 1973), cats open up the line of sight. With his lines in movement, Len Lye shows the music of the Bagirmi in Chad and there is chirruping in Robert Breer's A MAN AND HIS DOG OUT FOR AIR. 31 SPRÜNGE (Winkelmann, West Germany 1967) tells of what it’s like to jump 31 times. (em). (16.10.)

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