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LIŠTIČKY (Foxes, Czech Republic/Slovakia/Ireland 2009, 29.11.) Two sisters who have emigrated to Ireland from Slovakia try their luck in Dublin. While the wild Alžběta lets herself drift, the older Tina lives with an Irish man who she will soon marry. Alžběta seems jealous of Tina's life. The depiction of the tense, yet close relationship between the sisters is anchored within a realistic setting in which migrants are second-class citizens. MALÁ NESDĚLENÍ (Small Untold Secrets, Czech Republic 2002, 29.11.) While her parents argue about the broken fridge, an announcement about contaminated water is made on the radio. Their young daughter Terezka escapes thanks to Sarastro's aria from Mozart's The Magic Flute: "Merry and happy into a better land". MÔJ PES KILLER (My Dog Killer, Slovakia/Czech Republic 2013, 30.11.) 18-year-old Marek lives in the country with his frequently drunk father and his fighting dog. He hangs out with the skinheads there, whose racism goes hand in hand with the village's xenophobia. Since she ran off with a Roma man, Marek’s mother has been an outcast. Marek also wants nothing to do with her and his half-brother – yet when he needs her signature, he is confronted by his own inner turmoil and his own limited view of the world. A film about pride, hatred, and shame, shot on a handheld camera with non-professional actors and an almost documentary stance. GARDENERS (Slovakia/The Netherlands 2016, 30.11.) A refugee from Africa comes to the aid of a woman. To thank him, she allows him to move in with her. But her son, a rightwing extremist, chases him out of the house. A silent film with piano music, almost entirely in black and white. (bik)

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