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VOICES FROM THE ATTIC (USA 1988) and ECHOES FROM THE ATTIC (USA 2015): The grandparents, great uncles, mother, and aunts of director Debbie Goodstein survived the Holocaust in Urzejowice, Poland in the attic of the Grocholski family. In 1988, she travels to Poland accompanied by her aunt Sally and several cousins to find out more about the story, which is not talked about within the family. 25 years later, a second trip follows, in which the family of the rescuers forms the focus. Günter Saathoff, Chairman of the "Remembrance, Responsibility and the Future" Foundation (EVZ) will given an introduction to open the evening. After the films, Veronika Nahm from the Anne Frank Center will be in conversation with film scholar and author Sonja M. Schultz, who has created school materials on the films. An event in collaboration with the Anne Frank Center and the EVZ Foundation. (gk) (7.11.)

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