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Two years ago, Lana left Iraq to flee to Europe with her husband and young son. Thousands of people from Syria, Iran, and Iraq made the same journey as her – looking for a secure, perhaps better life. During her journey, Lana’s cellphone containing all the images of her trip was stolen. Together with children, the vast majority of whom are refugees or have a migration background, the artists of the Arsenal film studio created drawings of the family’s journey to Europe, which were first combined into a short, partly animated film and then augmented with an individual sound montage. With the filmmakers in attendance, the school children present LANAS GESCHICHTE (Germany 2017) together with their sound composition. (af) Moderation: Anna Faroqhi, Haim Peretz, Stefanie Schlüter. Funded by the Kultur macht stark program – Bündnisse für Bildung: KidsFilm – Kinder ins Kino (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kino-Gilde deutscher Filmkunsttheater e.V.) (19.11.)

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