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We are showing films that make use of double exposure as well as ones that link together things in different ways. The title of Anita Thatcher’s film HOMAGE TO MAGRITTE (USA 1975) prepares us for some beautiful magic. Robert Beavers explains how he exposed four images in one in FROM THE NOTEBOOK OF … (Italy/Switzerland 1971/1998). In CAT ON TV (GB 1977), Guy Sherwin links a cat to a horse race on television and Ute Aurand layers three nieces and one nephew on top of one another in 3 NICHTEN UND 1 NEFFE (Germany 1997). In his 1925 FILMSTUDIE, Hans Richter plays with abstract forms in black and Margaret Tait paints colorful figures on transparent film in JOHN MACFADYEN (UK 1970), which duly dance to Scottish music. All six short films invite you to marvel at them! (ua) (17.12.)

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