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MORRER COMO UM HOMEM (To Die Like a Man, P/F 2009, 6.6.) Tonia is transsexual and has problems. Because of her age, her career as a drag queen is coming to an end. Her young junkie lover tries to persuade her to have a sex operation but she refuses for religious reasons. She is not accepted by her son. Her silicon breasts bleed. A melodramatic love story that leads to the edge of reality with dream-like imagery and sadly beautiful ballads. The screening will be preceded by WHERE DO YOU STAND NOW, JOÃO PEDRO RODRIGUES? (F 2016)

O FANTASMA (P 2000, 7.6.) Sergio is a garbage collector in Lisbon. Restlessly, he roams through the night looking for quick sex with men. He mutates into an amorphous being in black latex that moves about on all fours. There's not much talking in Rodrigues' debut film which uses feverish imagery to tell of insatiable desire and metamorphosis into an animalistic existence driven by instinct.

O ORNITÓLOGO (The Ornithologist, P/F 2016, 7.6.) When the ornithologist Fernando loses his bearings and contact with the outside world while out exploring in the wilderness, he comes across two female Chinese pilgrims, men wearing spirits of the forest costumes, a deaf and dumb shepherd called Jesus and Amazonian riders. Birds observe him. The deeper he ventures into the mythical jungle and loses himself in it, the more he finds himself. A sensual film inspired by the story of Saint Anthony filmed with Cinemascope and boasting a brilliant sound design. The screening will be preceded by AS THE FLAMES ROSE (João Rui Guerra da Mata, P 2012) (bik)

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