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Jürgen Böttcher (*1931) and Peter Nestler (*1937) are two impressive loners in German documentary cinema whose work, which continues till today, shaped the genre of documentary in both parts of Germany. Both focus on the world of work and document life with and after work. The program "Poetry and document: Work and leisure" brings together three films where leisure comes into focus as the reverse of a sometimes very tough working life. In EIN ARBEITERCLUB IN SHEFFIELD (FRG 1965) Peter Nestler shows the social and cultural function of a worker's club. In WÄSCHERINNEN (GDR 1972), Jürgen Böttcher portrays young women caught between having to fulfill the socialist plan and their own dreams. In DREI VON VIELEN (GDR 1961), he presents three workers who paint in their free time. (ah) (27.3.)

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