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DO RIGHT AND FEAR NO ONE (Jutta Brückner, West Germany 1975): A film composed of stills that begin to flow, including hundreds of private photographs, images from archives and pictures by the photographer August Sander. His portraits documented the social reality of those he depicted, and the images assembled by Jutta Brückner also tell the story of a typical German woman's life—as it happens, the life of her mother. Photos, archival material, inserts with commonplaces and commentaries add up to a silent middle-class hell entirely lacking in personal freedom or political utopias. Produced by ZDF, this was Jutta Brückner's first film; it, along with her feature film "Years of Hunger", will come out this month on DVD from absolut medien. On this occasion, the digitally restored version of DO RIGHT AND FEAR NO ONE will be screened for the first time. (ah) (30.1., special guest: Jutta Brückner

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