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Werner Herzog's FITZCARRALDO (West Germany 1982) is about opera lover Fitzcarraldo who flouts all rules of reason and economic sense in his desire to build an opera house in a remote area of the Amazon and has entered the annals of film history primarily for one scene: the way Fitzcarraldo alias Klaus Kinski has a half-rotten steamboat pulled over a mountain doesn't just reflect the protagonist’s obsessiveness, but also that of the actor and his director. Photographer Beat Presser accompanied the adventurous shoot with his camera. He will be our guest at the screening of FITZCARRALDO, which the Deutsche Kinemathek is putting on to coincide with the 75th birthday of Werner Herzog. Beat Presser's photos can be seen from 2.9. to 15.10. at the Galerie Egbert Baqué Contemporary zu sehen. (ah) (28.8.)

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