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Since 1990, Uwe Scheddin has been giving tours of the city and the countryside to anybody interested. NOCH MAL DAVONGEKOMMEN (Detlef Gumm and Hans-Georg Ullrich, G 1998) accompanies the former theater dramaturge and cabaret artist on his tours, in his private life and to the Stasi Records Agency. The directors gently reveal certain upheavals in his life and the mechanisms of the market economy, which affords Scheddin more scope but also requires unfailing energy on his part. Gumm and Ullrich are best known for their long-term study "Berlin, Ecke Bundesplatz". They also captured everyday German life before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Five of their films are now being released on a DVD entitled "Berlin, Ecke Bundesrepublik". (kw) (25.9., guests: Detlef Gumm and Hans-Georg Ullrich)

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