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Examinations of Berlin and its history and contemporary working processes form the focus of two evening showing works by artist Ellen Rothenberg and director Dan Eisenberg. HELLO TRAITOR! (1994) shows footage of a performance from 1992, where Rothenberg makes reference to situations of public humiliation during the Nazi era at three different locations in Berlin. Parts of the footage of Eisenberg's PERSISTENCE (USA 1997, 18.7.) were created at the same time, a meditation about the period following a huge historical event, an exploration of the history and present of Berlin and Germany. The following evening, we are showing Eisenberg's THE UNSTABLE OBJECT (USA 2011, 19.7.) as well as a work-in-progress of the second part of his trilogy about contemporary working processes. Snapshots from factories or workshop of generally invisible working process reveal a complex web of relationships. (mg)

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