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The start of the "Architects at Work" workshop is formed by the documentary SAUERBRUCH HUTTON ARCHITEKTEN (Germany 2013). Based on six projects at different phases, Harun Farocki observes the division of work at the Berlin architecture office and allows the viewer to reflect without commentary. Following the film, the pupils engage with the surrounding constructions at Potsdamer Platz. (11.10., moderated by Stefanie Schlüter & Brigitta Wagner) The "Image over Sound or Sound over Image" workshop is dedicated to the contexts of sound and image production. Taking selected films by Harun Farocki as an example, the workshop examines how the film auteur thinks about the power of the technically created image. Afterwards, a montage of sound tracks will be created to accompany previously existing images. Does sound dominate image or vice versa? (sts) (17. & 18.10., moderated by Eunice Martins & Laura Mello)

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