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Marlene Dietrich died in Paris on 6.5.1992. On the 25th anniversary of her death, the Deutsche Kinemathek has organized a matinee screening to show the documentary MARLENE (West Germany/France/Czechoslovakia 1984) by Maximilian Schell. The director and actor, who had known Marlene Dietrich since the 60s, was still unable to convince the star to appear on camera for his film. Marlene Dietrich was given a contact which stated only her voice would be heard. Maximilian Schell drew on historical footage to supplement these recordings and had a copy of Dietrich’s Paris apartment rebuilt in a studio. Thanks to his special interviewing technique, he managed to create a memorable portrait of one of the century’s greatest stars. Before the film screening, there will be a scenic reading of the correspondence between Marlene Dietrich and Maximilian Schell relating to the production of the film, with actors Claudia Michelsen and Ulrich Matthes in the two roles. The correspondence forms part of the diva’s personal effects, which are stored at the Deutsche Kinemathek by the Marlene Dietrich Collection Berlin. (pm) (7.5.)

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