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In 2017, Berlin-Brandenburg poet and writer Klaus Schlesinger would have turned 80. With this in mind, the DEFA Foundation is presenting three features in collaboration with the Kleist Museum which are based on literary works by Schlesinger. In IKARUS (Heiner Carow, East Germany 1975), the eight-year-old Mathias dreams of becoming a pilot. Disappointed at his father’s unfulfilled birthday promise, he wanders through the city in search of him. The TV film MATULLA & BUSCH – ZWEI ALTE POKERN HOCH (Germany 1995) directed by Matti Geschonneck accompanies two pensioners who live in the Black Forest named Matulla (Erwin Geschonneck) and Busch (Fred Delmare) as they head to Berlin to take possession of a property they’ve inherited in the eastern part of the city. Yet the squatters living in the house mess up their plans. (jh) (6.11.)

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