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Colors, dots and patterns dance to music, abstract shapes create a space for the concrete. This program focuses on films by artists that were made without a camera. In FREE RADICALS (USA 1958) Len Lye makes the lines scratched into film material dance to the rhythms of drums. In the hand-painted commercial film COLOUR FLIGHT (Len Lye, GB 1938), freely painted abstract shapes and stenciled planes happily make their rounds to music. The rhythmically composed play of light MOTHLIGHT (Stan Brakhage, USA 1963) has moths, blossom and leaves stuck to filmstrips appear fleetingly on the screen. Bärbel Neubauer also works with natural materials in ALGORITHMEN (G 1994) which  acquires its colorful texture from the stamping of leaves. We use pens and tools to transform filmstrips and watch the results on the screen. (sts) (16.9., for everyone aged five and above)

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