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Elisabeth Büttner understood cinema as a space for collective experience as well as a space of possibility for the ego and as a space of affect and awareness at the same time. She valued film because of its openness for great but also inconspicuous events, for contradictions and resistance, for gestures and phantoms. Without cease, she traced the politics of images and their connections, always insisting that films not only told stories, but had and made stories and history in their own way. This book published by Christian Dewald, Petra Löffler and Marc Ries perceives itself as an experimental obstacle course of the working methods of a precise and sensitive researcher, a politically-engaged and self-critical thinker. It will be presented as part of a program featuring films by M. Wallin, L. Ponger, P. Tscherkassky, K. Kren and more. (cd/pl). In cooperation with Vorwerk 8. (8.2.)

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