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One film about Michał Waszyński and on by him, a Polish director with a turbulent life story. DER PRINZ UND DER DYBBUK (Elwira Niewiera, Piotr Rosołowski, Poland/Germany 2017, 7.11., with guest P. Rosołowski) Waszyński was master of transformation: from filmmaker to camera operator on the front, from a producer of grand-scale Hollywood productions to a prince. His most important films included Der Dybbuk (1937), which is based on an old Jewish legend and is rare evidence of Yiddish cinema in Poland. Thanks to meticulous research in Poland, the Ukraine, the US, Italy, Israel, and Spain, Niewiera/Rosołowski were able to reveal several traces of the mysterious survival artist. BOHATEROWIE SYBIRU (M. Waszyński, Poland 1936, 8.11., with an introduction by P. Rosołowski) A propaganda adventure films about the members of a Polish garrison who hear of the declaration of independence in Poland in a small town in Siberia in winter 1918. The battle far from home begins… (mg)

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