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In 1980, the artist Lutz Mommartz, one of the most important representatives of experimental film in Germany, made Tango durch Deutschland.  Eddie Constantine in the lead role played an aging filmstar who - like in real life - was aimlessly searching for himself. Mommartz declared the film a failure and produced a new version, Eddie (Recycled aus ‚Tango durch Deutschland’), the next year. He has now made another version, which recapitulates what happened and is once again about the tragedy of the idol. LA BELLE HISTOIRE D’AMOUR (G 2018) is full of melancholy and light humor, and the viewer might be astounded to detect an air of Buster Keaton about Eddie Constantine. The Berlin premiere will be accompanied by some shorts by Mommartz, whose entire oeuvre is part of arsenal distribution’s catalogue. (ara) (12.9)

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