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A different take on witching hour.: When in SPOOK SPORT (USA 1939) the witching hour sounds, brightly colored ghosts perform a uplifting ballet. And ghosts don’t only come out at night: There’s a practical joke involving mirrors in AH! LA BARBE (A Funny Shave, F 1905), and in A CHAIRY TALE (Canada 1957) a chair resists a man’s attempts to approach it. Witches also come out in daylight in BEWITCHED MATCHES (Les Allumettes Ensourcelees, F 1903) when some matches are brought to life and made to perform. In the stencil color MME CROQUEMITAINE (The Wicked Witch, F 1909), a witch transforms children into huge vegetables. VORMITTAGSSPUK (Ghosts Before Breakfast, G 1928) manages to go off the rails without the help of ghosts or witches: Hats fly through the air, crockery smashes and repairs itself… At 12 o’clock it’s all over. (stsch) (20.1. for everyone aged 5 and above)

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