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Amateur filmmaking was an important element of organized recreational activity in the GDR. Filmmakers were subjected to the state funding system and regulations, but were still able to create free spaces for themselves. Over 10,000 films were made and they now offer an insight into East German society. To accompany the publication of Ralf Forster’s new book (etk München), we will present works from a significant East Berlin studio, the amateur film club AFC Energie. Between 1972 and 1990, the group formed by Rainer Hässelbarth made films about work safety but also satires, looking critically at Berlin energy companies (IST DER OFEN AUS?) and positioning themselves in the struggle for peace. They also fostered friendships with Czech studios, making films about their joint past (KRUPKA – NUR EINE STADT?). (rf)
A CineGraph Babelsberg event in cooperation with Filmmuseum Potsdam. (29.1.)

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