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VARIETY is an attempt to break open male-dominated structures of looking. Christine has a job in New York selling tickets at a porn theater. From her ticket booth, she observes the clientele. Gradually, she develops a fascination for the porn industry. When one client invites her to a baseball game and abruptly leaves, she begins to follow him. Her obsession leads her to dark streets, to fish markers, and perhaps into the world of the Mafia.

BORN IN FLAMES is a feminist vision of a future America that only superficially recognizes equal rights for women despite a cultural revolution having taken place. Out of rage at empty socialist promises, an army of radical women take up the battle against sexism and racism. This initially non-violent crusade escalates when one of the leading figures dies in prison under mysterious circumstances. Kathryn Bigelow plays the editor of a feminist magazine in her only ever acting role. (stss) (3.11.)

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