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Our archive researcher Vaginal Davis and Daniel Hendrickson are guests at b_books! b_books is a bookstore, publisher, film production company, and event space in Kreuzberg and on hand each year at the Berlinale with a stand in the Arsenal foyer. Two films produced in collective contexts will be shown. Kartemquin Films has been producing documentaries in Chicago for over 50 years: WINNIE WRIGHT, AGE 11 (1974) tells the story of a working-class family living in Gage Park, Chicago, where African-Americans are increasingly moving to the previously mainly white district. Pacific Street Films was founded in 1969. FRAME-UP: THE IMPRISONMENT OF MARTIN SOSTRE was made in 1972 about the Puerto Rican owner of a bookstore in Buffalo, who is wrongly sentenced for drug possession and assault and is incarcerated in Attica. (stss) (8.4.)

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