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As part of our ongoing series of screenings in analogue big film format, we are screening an original copy of THE WILD BUNCH (USA 1969), Sam Peckinpah’s magnum opus about the lost heroes of the late western and the violence of the US: A wild bunch of former soldiers led by Pike Bishop (William Holden) robs a railroad office in San Rafael, Texas, falling into a trap laid by by Deke Thornton (Robert Ryan), a former friend of Bishop’s who agreed to snare him in return for his early release from jail. After a wild shootout, the whole gang manage to escape with the loot to Mexico where they make a deal with the corrupt general Mapuche, who tasks them with attacking a train and robbing a weapons shipment. “If one were to presume to see in Peckinpah the Michelangelo of the western, then THE WILD BUNCH would be ‘Last Judgment’” (Harry Tomicek) (hjf) (7.3.)

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