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Films are usually projected at 24 frames per second. Whether they appear fast or slow depends on what you’re looking at, how the film was edited, how you perceive the film and sometimes also what you can hear. We will screen widely different short films that are fast or slow in one way or another. M.M. Serra’s PPII (USA 1986) has an incredible speed due to its many very short cuts. In contrast, Bruce Baillie’s ALL MY LIFE (USA 1966) is one, single shot without any cuts at all. Jonas Mekas filmed NOTES ON THE CIRCUS (USA 1966) over the course of three circus performances, but exposed all three one above the other. As a result, the viewer sees at the same time what actually occurred in a sequence. Elena Duque paints in a real filmed landscape (VALDEDIÓS, Spain 2019), creating two layers of time. And as for Ted Fendt’s THE STONE TOWER (2020), we’ll give nothing away. (ua/rb) For ages 6 and up. (4.10.)

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