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BERLINGER (FRG 1975) Bernhard Sinkel and Alf Brustellin’s character Lucas Berlinger, a factory owner’s son, scientist and hedonist in one, is a dazzling figure who skillfully defies all social and political expectations. His childhood friend Johannes Roeder is very different, adapting to National Socialism as well as to post-war Germany during the economic miracle years and eventually becoming a senator. Imaginatively narrated and artfully edited, this brilliant historical panorama has been digitally restored. On the occasion of Bernhard Sinkel's 80th birthday on 19th January, the Deutsche Kinemathek - in cooperation with the Bundesplatzkino - will show a small sample of his work. Bernhard Sinkel stores his negatives at the Deutsche Kinemathek, where his digital restorations are also available for distribution. (ak) (27.1.)

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