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When the bus stops at a rest area on the way back to the barracks after a maneuver, Paul stays behind unnoticed. His company leaves and he goes back to the home of his parents who are absent. His "leave" quickly becomes complicated: The army comes looking for him, his girlfriend Kerstin breaks up with him and his older brother Max turns up unexpectedly with his Danish girlfriend Lene. In their childhood home, the brothers’ old patterns of behavior reappear as if by reflex: As the older one, Max feels responsible for Paul, who tries to escape this relationship by doing everything to get even. Caught between the two, Lene is not without sympathy for Paul's recalcitrance. The sibling rivalry soon becomes a competition for a woman.
To mark the release of Ulrich Köhler and Henner Winckler's A Voluntary Year, we are screening the new digital restoration of Köhler’s first film, the award-winning BUNGALOW (G 2002). (ah) Guest: Ulrich Köhler (17.2.)

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