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Numerous so-called Gegenwartsfilme were produced at East Germany’s DEFA studio for feature films. These aimed to capture social issues and current events of the period in which they were made. From the perspective of today, such films can be seen as important sources for the interpretation of GDR history: In their stories, the filmmakers sought to authentically depict slices of life and society and, through fictional storytelling, to create a new, often critical and tense dimension vis-à-vis reality. In the latest volume of the DEFA Foundation’s publication series, author Klaus-Dieter Felsmann examines more than 20 Gegenwartsfilme. To mark the launch of his book, titled “Inszenierte Realität” (Staged Reality), we will screen two of these productions: Ralf Kirsten’s LACHTAUBEN WEINEN NICHT (1979) provides glimpses into the world of workers at a steel mill. MÄRKISCHE FORSCHUNGEN (1981) from Roland Gräf portrays the different lives of a country teacher and a distinguished professor. (pz) (5.10.)

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