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Jörg Foth belongs to the last generation of DEFA directors. In the 1980s, he campaigned vehemently and courageously for the interests of young filmmakers in the GDR. Last autumn, he celebrated his 70th birthday.
His directorial debut DAS EISMEER RUFT (1983) is a very imaginative road movie. In 1934, a group of children from Prague sets off on an expedition to rescue the crew of the Soviet Chelyuskin steamship after hearing a report about its sinking in the Arctic Ocean after getting caught in the ice. The plot is interrupted several times by original footage of the accident. The film was based on the eponymous children’s book by Alex Wedding.
DSCHUNGELZEIT (Time in the Jungle, 1987) was a co-production between DEFA and Vietnam that focused on the German legionnaires who deserted to the Việt Minh during the First Indochina War (1946-’54) Co-directed by Jörg Foth and Tran Vu, the film was based on writings by the journalist Erwin Borchers. (pz) Guest: Jörg Foth. (3.2.)

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