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In their “Welt-Spiegel: An Outsider’s Inside View or An Insider’s Outside View” project, Mareike Bernien and Merle Kröger explore the work of the journalist and presenter Navina Sundaram, who is living testimony to German media and migration history. Part of this is an introduction by Sundaram to the film DUVIDHA by Mani Kaul, which was broadcast in 1984 as part of NDR’s “Der Film-Club” series. This find has offered us the occasion to show the film that was also part of the Berlinale Forum of 1975 and has been in Arsenal’s archive ever since. It tells the story of a newly-wed couple thwarted by a ghost who falls in love with the wife. When the husband sets off for a five-year business trip soon after the wedding, the ghost takes on his appearance and place. When the wife is pregnant three years later, the deceit comes to light. (nk) Welt-Spiegel is a pong film project in conjunction with Arsenal as part of “Archive außer sich”. (4.2)

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