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After a one-year break, the Arsenal summer school is back and is dedicated to the silent green project The Garden. Long-term friends and collaborators of Derek Jarman – costume designer Annie Symons, artist Peter Fillingham, photographer Howard Sooley, filmmakers David Lewis, composer Simon Fisher Turner, and producer James Mackay, supported by author and poet Mary Katharine Tramontana and curator and author Alexandra Symons Sutcliffe – will draw on photos and film excerpts to speak about Jarman’s cinema as a collaborative project. In addition, the artists and curators Dagie Brundert, Peter Cusack, Bettina Ellerkamp, Jörg Heitmann, Philip Scheffner, Kerstin Schroedinger / /Oliver Husain, and Stefanie Schulte Strathaus will discuss their contributions to the group exhibition The Garden. Cinematographies of the Earth.

Participation fees: 135 € / 115 € / 95 €, registration until 5.8.: summerschool@arsenal-berlin.de (19.–21.8.)

Funded by:

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