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Through the camera, the world becomes a laboratory for possible stories that can only be discovered by seeing and experiencing. This is how Helen Levitt, Janice Loeb, and James Agee approached depicting life on the street in a poor district of New York, calling their film simply IN THE STREET (USA 1948). Nearly 60 years later, Khaled Mzher did the same in a street in Jordan and came across STREET’S ANGELS (Jordan 2017). Like a detective, Milena Gierke finds starting points for possible mysteries and stories from her car in AUTOBLICKE / VIEWS FROM A CAR (Germany 1990). The children of EKT Regenbogen-Kidz use everyday objects to create a cinematic spell in KINOZAUBER (Germany 2020), that functions as an invitation to dream and to tell stories. We will be watching four films together in which random observation plays a role. Following the screening, we will be putting together our own joint world laboratory. For all aged 6 and up. (af) (3.10.)

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