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From the beginning of the 70s, Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami worked for the film department of the newly founded “Kanoon” in Tehran, an institute for the intellectual development of children and young people. Here he shot short films for children and young people, including educational films and fiction works using motifs from their everyday surroundings. The film TWO SOLUTIONS FOR ONE PROBLEM (1975) conveys how children resolve conflicts in humorous, but also instructive fashion. COLOURS (1976) goes cheerfully looking for colors in real life. SO CAN I (1975) places a focus on the movements of animals and people: can you jump like a kangaroo, crawl like a caterpillar, and climb like an ape? Kiarostami’s first short THE BREAD AND ALLEY (1970) accompanies a little boy on his way back home from the bakery. Without dialogue, the black-and-white film is the story of the test of courage that the little boy must pass in the alley. (sts) The film program will be accompanied by a spoken translation. For everyone aged 5 and up. (10.10.)

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