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Sunday afternoons are perfect for expeditions into worlds of light and sound. Many filmmakers have explored light as the origin of film and cinema. For example, Marie Menken, whose camera in LIGHTS (1965) makes a colorfully illuminated Christmas tree stand on its head. Or Andreas O. Hirsch, who makes the screen glow with a large rotating light in SUMME 1 (2015). LICHTSPIELSCHWARZ-WEISS-GRAU (1929) experiments with light, shadows and reflections and COLOR RHAPSODY (1948) ignites colorful fireworks. Afterwards, all children will be invited to make luminous pictures themselves. For everyone aged five and upwards. (14.11.)

Rustling, hissing, murmuring, melodies: this and much more is what the soundtrack has allowed us to hear since the invention of film in 1895. In early cinema, musicians and noisemakers provided the sound. Today's worlds of sound come into the cinema via multiple channels. The search for sound in old and new films will lead to the joint development of a soundtrack. For everyone aged eight and upwards. (28.11.)

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