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At the start of December, Big Cinema, Small Cinema is putting in a guest appearance at silent green with two programs to coincide with the “open house with a winter market” taking place there on December 4th and 5th. Two films with Laurel & Hardy will be shown on December 4th, with the children of the sound workshop and Eunice Martins on the piano providing a soundtrack to them. Ute Aurand and Robert Beavers describe their program “Random Pattern” on Sunday, 5.12 as follows: “We know the films we selected for the program, but we’ll only know how they work together when we watch then together with you on the big screen. For our December program, we simply chose films that we like, there is no thematic relationship between them. The order in which we’ll see the films is chosen at random. That is our random pattern. We’re curious to see how the films work in that order and whether you like them.” Both events are open to all from 6 years and up. In collaboration with silent green.

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