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In 1975, Vitomil Zupan wrote one of the most important Slovenian novels. "Minuet for Guitar" is an autobiographical story about the armed resistance of the Slovene Partisans against the Italian and German occupiers and a swan song to the heroic struggle. Serbian director Živojin Pavlović adapted it for NASVIDENJE V NASLEDNJI VOJNI (Farewell until the Next War, Yugoslavia 1980), continuing the demythologization of the official narrative of glorious partisan heroism. Years after the war, two former mortal enemies, a Slovene partisan (Metod Pevec) and a German soldier (Hans Christian Blech), meet on vacation in Spain and discuss their (not so different) war experiences. The film was sharply criticized by the authorities. We will discuss it with guests on the occasion of the novel recently being published in German by Guggolz Verlag. With the kind support of the Slovenian Cultural Center in Berlin and the Slovenian Film Archives. (2.11.)

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