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From 11th to 14th November, Arsenal is presenting, for the 11th time, the film projects of grantholders who have received funding from the Female Artists Program of the Berlin Senate Chancellery for Cultural Affairs in the past two years.

The questioning of current political self-perception, solidarity and diversity, the exploration of personal family history and the unsaid within this, the confrontation with role attributions and associated psychological damage, as well as the transgression of traditional narrative forms are just some of the emerging themes of this program that we will open with Anna Marziano’s AL LARGO (I 2020).

The sea is the starting point for a reflection on the experience of suffering. In the quiet flow of images, the world appears like a dream, filled with words, works of art, fossils, songs, human beings, unfolding an almost magical and comforting space. In a circular movement, we move from the private to the political, from the mythology of the sea to the reflections on human suffering in Claire Marin's philosophical writings, Dijana Zoradana's collages and Francesco Nash's paintings, to society's treatment of human beings in situations of crisis. Images and sounds enter into resonance, time seems to expand in all directions into infinity. The artist takes us on a path, on which we are able to imagine a possible resolution of the polarity between egoism and altruism in a gesture of care. (ara)

Further project presentations by: Neda Ahmadi, Gamma Bak, Judith Beuth, Francesca Cogni, Britt Dunse, Anna Faroqhi, Juliane Henrich, Franzis Kabisch, Laura Laabs, Malve Lippmann, Julia Monika Müller, Nnenna Onuoha, Anne--Christin Plate, Stefanie Saghri, Dagmar Scheibert, Sabine Schöbel, Talin Seigmann, Nathalie Steinbart and Justin Time.

A booklet will give an insight into these projects and others.

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