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Inspired by the educational work of New York's "Cinema 16”, we will show a series of experimental works that provide a cross-section of the famous film club's selection. We will present Oskar Fischinger's WALKING FROM MUNICH TO BERLIN – a fast-forwarded walking tour, moving bridges in Shirley Clarke's BRIDGES-GO-ROUND, an ironic comment on collage film and Beat culture in ODDS AND ENDS, hole-punched, sewn, and colorized films by Vladimir Petek, and works by Maya Deren, Carmen D'Avino, and Tatjana Ivančić. 11th grade and above. (11.11.)

As part of the School Cinema Weeks, students can experiment with sounds and noises and set a short film to music. Inspiration will be provided by the apparently still silent LE TONNERRE DE JUPITER (Georges Méliès), the chirping in A MAN AND HIS DOG OUT FOR AIR (Robert Breer), swirling sounds in ROOTS (Bärbel Neubauer), M.M. Serra's PP II, and other films by Jean Mitry and Marie Menken. 5th grade and above. (11/18) Registration required: mg@arsenal-berlin.de

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