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Film still from KOREAN KAROTTENKUCHEN: Two young women lie on a bed watching television, both holding an ice cream in their hands.

The Duisburger Filmwoche takes notes - and more. Traditionally, the discussions at the renowned festival for documentary films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland have been recorded, thus a constantly growing archive of debate about documentary images has ensued since 1978 (available at protokult.de). This year, too, a cinematic dialogue has come about from research into this archive and a film from last year's festival will meet a work from an older edition. Thus, two films whose juxtaposition opens up a space for connections will be screened - two perspectives on migration to Germany and life in the country, both about being in-between, between coming and arriving, knowing one's way around and asserting oneself, being there and belonging. Two films that not only portray their protagonists in Germany in the early 1980s and today, but also involve them. (Alexander Scholz)

In cooperation with Duisburger Filmwoche.

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