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A doctor's wife, Yoriko, suffers from a weak constitu­tion. To improve her health with a change of envi­ronment, they return to her birthplace of Kyushu and move into an old house. However, the wife is attacked by a ghastly old woman and around the house dreadful curses emerge. "Why is the withered witch determined to get her hands around Yoriko's young neck? The second act takes us back several hundred years for the answer. It's a tragic tale of a vicious lord who takes the life of his young go teacher and rapes his blind mother. In shame, she plunges a knife into her belly and entrusts her kitty kat with exacting revenge right down the lord's family line (servants included). Nakagawa makes the highly effective choice to film the present-day bookend scenes in black and white and the second act in gorgeous color, including a surprising supply of sang and violent mayhem, con­sidering the year the film was made." Jason Gray

Production: Shintoho

World Sales: Kokusai Hoei

Screenplay: Ishikawa Yoshihiro, Fujishima Jiro, nach dem Roman von Tachibana Soto'o

Cinematographer: Nishimoto Tadashi

Art Direction: Kurosawa Haruyasu

Composer: Watanabe Michiaki

Sound: Kataoka Itaru

Light: Sekigawa Jiro

Editor: Goto Toshio

Cast: Hosokawa Toshio, Ejima Yuriko, Satsuki Fujie, Shibata Shin, Nakamura Ryuzaburo, Kitazawa Noriko

Format/screen ratio: 35mm, 1:2.35, Color and b/w

Running time: 69 minutes, 24 frames/sec.

Language: Japanese

Foto: ©Kokusai Hoei

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