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The selected films, installations and performances in this year’s program repeatedly draw our attention to communities – their constitution, the breaking points they face and the dangers and constraints to which they are exposed to. What becomes apparent are the frequently convoluted ways in which these communities end up having to live in order to secure their continued existence. The works evoke solidarity, cohesion and hope by highlighting permanent connections – familial or elective affinities which subvert social norms. Everyday objects and materials are metaphorically repurposed as a means of exploring hidden networks whose multifaceted nodes become visible in unexpected places. The 19th edition of Forum Expanded presents cinematic works from 20 countries at the Forum Expanded cinemas and at the silent green Betonhalle.


Program Schedule


Film still from Elena Pardo and Azucena Losana’s film “Nanacatepec”. A mushroom shaped almost like a jellyfish with a white top and red bottom, seemingly glowing.


Elena Pardo, Azucena Losana, Mexico/Spain 2024

A 16mm film performance draws inspiration from the Nanacatepec, a rock traversed by a network that extends without a defined shape. Its fruits, in the form of mushrooms, serve as creators and transformers of everything in the world.

16.2. 8pm

silent green Kulturquartier, Gerichtstraße 35, 13347 Berlin


  • Film still from Prapat Jiwarangsan’s film “Myanmar Anatomy”. A black-and-white image of animals in glass cases, seemingly in a zoo, overlayed with colour images of a human, a tiger, a deer and a monkey, all with invisible skin, all their internal bodies on display.

    Myanmar Anatomy

    Prapat Jiwarangsan, United Arab Emirates/Thailand 2023

  • Film still from Theresa Delsoin, Lisa Malloy, JP Sniadecki, Ray Whitaker’s film “On the Battlefield”. A sound recordist stands in a field holding a boom pole and wearing headphones, and listens intently to what they are recording. In the background we see a cloudy sky and trees.

    On the Battlefield

    Little Egypt Collective (Theresa Delsoin, Lisa Marie Malloy, J.P. Sniadecki, Ray Whitaker), USA 2024

Opening hours

16.2., 7–9:30pm
17.–25.2., 12–10pm

silent green Kulturquartier

Guided Tour

Film still from Theresa Delsoin, Lisa Malloy, JP Sniadecki, Ray Whitaker’s film “On the Battlefield”. A small house in the middle of an open field with a mural on one side.

Artist Meeting

17.2. 2pm

Registration required: tours@arsenal-berlin.de

silent green Kulturquartier, Gerichtstraße 35, 13347 Berlin

Withdrawn Films

In memory of Heiko-Thandeka Ncube

In memory of Heiko-Thandeka Ncube


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