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In ever-darkening times across the globe amid hardening discourses, the films of the 54th Berlinale Forum emphatically engage with what it means to be human. Across a wide range of genres and with remarkable formal stringency, they give accounts of everyday realities linked to migration, colonialism, corruption or precarity, of care and loss, of stubborn characters and other heroes. At times set at secondary-seeming locations or in the past, they still lead us into the centre of what the world is currently about.

Barbara Wurm, Head of Forum

The Films of the Forum Main Program

Forum Special – Relations & Resistance

“Relations & Resistance” is the motto of the Forum Special, which draws a line that extends into the past and snakes its way from Georgia via Japan and Korea, Arizona and Senegal into Central Europe, posing the question of what showing a stance in cinema can mean across six programmes. Resisting silence and forgetting, these films by women directors draw on allies, relationships and intimacy, listen to others and find ways of expressing what is specific to them. They are transgenerational, activist-minded, creative and persistent.

Films in the Forum Special

Maria Lassnig short film program

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